Friday, April 1, 2011

Shake It

For the past 3 nights I have dreamed about arm muscles. Seriously…this anatomy is getting to my head. I’m very ready for this semester to be over. My anatomy book is like another limb.

Anyway…this week we’ve focused on protein. This included how it is important to get various protein sources, and also a yummy recipe. Now I’d like to discuss a a different form of protein that many athletes use to supplement their diets with: protein shakes.

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Here’s the thing…(ready for this?)

I’m not a fan/advocate of protein drinks. Clients and other people that ask me about them I actually tell them I would rather have people eat pure sources of protein or make their own shake. This goes along with "whole foods” eating belief. I like foods with single ingredient lists. Not a list like this:

Leanlipids trans fat free lipid complex selected for thermogenic and unique energy properties (canola oil, sunflower oil, enzyme engineered polyunsaturated long-chain vegetable oils, MCTs, l-carnitine), fructose, maltodextrin, cocoa powder, cytovite I, vitamin and mineral premix consisting of (vitamin A acetate, cholecalciferol, d-alpha-tocopherol acetate, ascorbic acid, folate, thiamine monohydrate, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyridoxine HCL, cyanocobalamin, biotin, pantothenic acid, di-calcium phosphate, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, ferrous fumerate, magnesium oxide, copper gluconate, and zinc oxide), creatine GCC, our proprietary, endogenous creatine precursor (glycocyamine, betaine anhydrous), natural flavors, lo han fruit extract (natural sweetener), stevia (natural sweetener), chromium nicotinate.

For real. Now, I don’t get mad if someone is drinking them. That is totally their decision and they can be great for people that can’t get protein or are trying to gain weight, etc. But I would caution you to not drink too many. Instead, try to up your intake of eggs and chicken and beans like we talked about. Or, make a homemade one!

My brother plays on the high school basketball team. His coach encouraged them to eat well (which I love, and think it is so great that a high school coach does that). He also really encourages drinking protein shakes after weight lifting to help build muscles. That is completely true…you need protein after heavy lifting days.
So my brother and I tried making a homemade one.

These were the ingredients: 
  • peanut butter
  • cottage cheese
  • almond milk
  • yogurt
  • banana
You can obviously mix in what you want. We put it in a blender, mixed it, and he took it to school with him. On average, that has about 45 grams of protein. Good, solid, protein.

So, what this all comes down to is that you might just want to do a little research, or maybe think twice about that second protein shake you want to eat. Again, I’m not saying they are bad and that you should never have them. Do what your body needs. But maybe eat some almonds or a hard boiled egg next time you need a protein boost!!

Here are some websites to check out on protein shakes:
Myths of Protein Shakes
The Pros and Cons of Protein Shakes
Are Protein Shakes Bad

~Do you have protein shakes on a regular basis?
**I’ve never really been a protein shake drinker. Even before I really looked into eating whole foods. I just always have liked to EAT my food, not drink it :)

~Any fun plans this weekend?
**LOTS of studying and LOTS of family time. Both are good things! One more fun than the other though
P.S. Have you checked out my miles in march?! I even totaled up the year so far for my 1,000 mile challenge. It is lookin good!


  1. My favorite vegan, unprocessed protein powder is vanilla Sun Warrior. Not only does it taste AHmazing, but it's raw and vegan as well! Love to drink it after workouts, or just mixed into my oats or smoothies. :)

  2. I made my own mini protein shake one night after a heavy workout, it was 1% milk, peanut butter and banana, it was actually pretty thick, but super yummy. But that's the only time I have ever made one. I usually don't drink protein shakes, typically try to get my protein in my foods.

  3. Wow! I have all these ingredients and will have to try it out! What were the measurements?

    I was a TA for anatomy and totally pictured my muscles when lifting weights!

  4. I make my own shakes too. Cottage cheese is definitely a great source of protein and amino acids. Great post!

  5. that protein shake actually sounds relaly good! i'm gunna have to try it!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Aw, I'm envious of all your awesome anatomy knowledge, though!!:) That's awesome!

    That's so funny that you talked about protein shakes and posted a PB/banana one because I just posted a similar recipe on my page yesterday, haha:). Love it! And I am not a huge protein shake person, and I think JUST protein powder and water/milk tastes GROSS. My husband grew up on them (his dad was a body builder and my husband played football and baseball), so he likes them a lot. So we have protein powder in the house and I will occasionally throw half a scoop in something, but that's once in a blue moon! My PB/banana smoothie yesterday didn't have any!!:)

  7. i honestly dont like shakes and stuff either! i stick to wholesome protein powders like sun warrior- MYFAV! i hate all the added stuff that othr ones have!

  8. I simply don't buy protein powder.
    It's hard enough sticking to truly whole food when you eat vegetarian at home (some of those meat substitutes while tasty have tones of ingredients).
    So when it comes to having a shake, I'd rather add almond milk (I'm not big on milk except for cookin) and almond butter with a banana.


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