Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I Eat the Whole Thing


Sometimes they are given a hard time. Ya know, too much fat, high in cholesterol, salmonella…okay, that one is pretty bad. But you get the point.

However, I am here to tell you that on average, I eat 6 whole eggs a week. The whole.dang.thing. And I love them.

Why? Well check this out!
  • 5.5 grams of protein per 68 calories (not that I worry about calories too much, but that is a mighty fine source of protein right there!)
  • they are a good source of choline, which acts as a bile in our bodies to help move the fat in and out of cells and get out of our body (convenient for a girl who doesn’t have a gallbladder…therefore doesn’t have a good supply of bile!)
  • more than 90% of American's are deficient in choline, which also acts as an anti inflammatory
  • the good fat in eggs helps with brain function – we could all use a little of that!
  • the old fear that it raises cholesterol? No more. After a 25 year study, investigators in this study found was that saturated fat in the diet, not dietary cholesterol, is what influences blood cholesterol levels the most. Eating an egg or two a day can actually help you!
  • Due to certain proteins in the egg yolk, eating eggs may help lower risk of a heart attack or stroke by helping to prevent blood clots.
  • packed with vitamins and minerals
  • …delicious…
And in the end, this of this: their eggs-quisite nutritional value should not be surprising when you remember that an egg contains everything needed for the nourishment of a developing chick.

I had never thought of that, but it is true!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

~What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
**I love them hard boiled. But I also often make them scrambled with tons of veggies! Yum!

~What are 5 things you’d like the Easter bunny to bring you? 
**All I want are some sunny days!


  1. When studying for my RD exam, I learned that there the yolk actually has a higher concentration of protein than the white! I'm a big supporter of eggs... my favorite are poached!

  2. GREAT POST! Eggs have gotten a bad rep almost the same way carbs have! not cool...

    thanks for clearing up info about the incredible edible egg :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. thanks for sharing the info about eggs! I LOVE poached eggs :)

    I am just hoping for lots of candy, warm weather and a relaxing semester ahead!

  4. Since I gave up meat I have been eating more and more eggs, I really like boiled eggs, either by themselves or in my salad, yum!

  5. I just had an egg over-easy on an english muffin with blackberry jelly for lunch today! (Which is also my favorite way to eat them:). I would also like some good weather, too!!

  6. Your body produces more cholesterol than what's in an egg anyway!

    I usually eat my eggs scrambled--that way I can't mess it up!

  7. Good info! I love eggs, and an egg sandwich may be the absolute best!

  8. I've been thinking all day that I need to celebrate Easter by eating a whole egg! I switched to oatmeal for breakfast this week, so I'm thinking breakfast for dinner!

  9. Thanks for the healthy egg tips! I love them. They're such an affordable source of protein. Not to mention they're delicious!

  10. We have 6 chickens in our backyard so we eat a lot of eggs. And I always eat the whole thing and don't even feel bad about it. So it's good to see all your good reasons why to do it. I like feeling justified! Great post!


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