Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Fix What’s Not Broken?

Last week I witnessed a funny thing. 

I go to spin class pretty much every Wednesday afternoon after my classes. There are a lot of the same people every week, same instructor, we all have our spots and bikes we use. You get it…we pretty much are creatures of habit. Well this last week I was there a little early so I decided to lift some weights. It was about time for class so I started heading toward the studio and a few of the “regulars” from the class were just waiting outside. I was confused and looked in, and it looked like we had a sub. He was setting up the room different than “normal” and I guess people were debating whether to go. 


SERIOUSLY? It’s a spin class!

I walked in and then some people followed. It turned out to be a killer class! And I really liked the instructor.
It made me think about how we often get stuck in exercise ruts. We like doing what we are comfortable with. Whether that be going to the same classes, doing the same workout DVD, running the same route, etc. Not that doing the same thing is wrong…because really, if something is working for you, why change it?

Because it really is good for us. Both our bodies and our minds. Different workout DVD’s can challenge us in new ways, new instructors can teach us new techniques, and change in any routine can spice up what could get boring.

So this week, your challenge is
to try something new

This could be a new class, a new workout schedule, a new food, anything. Often we think that just because we are healthy and doing lots of good things that those shouldn’t change. Yet they can…and sometimes we find something even better!

~Highlights of the weekend?
**My family had a “big kid” Easter egg hunt. Don’t worry…I won. 

~What habit do you have that you’d like to push yourself to change? Same food, same exercise, same seat in class? What keeps you from changing?
**I’d like to try some new exercise classes. I usually just go cycling. Maybe some yoga or weights classes!


  1. Great challenge to add something new this week! I'm definitely guilty of being stuck in a rut fitness-wise!

  2. Chloe @ 321delishApril 25, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    Exercise ruts are so frustrating! I find it so difficult to allow myself to change up my set ways, but it REALLY does make a difference.

    I love your challenge. I would like to challenge myself NOT to wear flip flops every day to work! I am I do! But I know that I shouldn't...

  3. I'm such a creature of habit, it's bad! Right now my new thing is running (as I prep for a 12k). But I really want to incorporate yoga into my routine. I've only done it twice, but I know it will be good for me!
    I'm jealous of your big kid Easter egg hunt! My co-worker snuck into my office early Friday morning and hid candy all over the place. She was my Easter bunny, lol. I'm still finding candy!

  4. this is SO true. at the beginning of the year I would just go to the gym and pound out 6-7 miles every day. it got boring and blah. So lately I have been trying to switch up my distance, who I run with and where I run every day...a much better time :)

    I LOVE that you have a big kid egg hunt. SO jealous. dang it. my family needs to jump on it with this idea :)

  5. Sounds great! I have tried Jillian Michaels' Yoga dvd several times and have only made it through the first 10 minutes, but tonight my goal is to make it all the way through the workout. I completely agree, you should try new things and branch out, keep it interesting!

  6. It really is so true. Our bodies get used to the same old thing and change is good. I'm changing up my weight routine this week. Heavier weights and less reps. Then I'll change it up again next week. Good points!

  7. we are such creatures of habit. Especially with our workouts. Good to get out of that zone and take a challenge. Love it!

  8. I loved this post- what a great reminder that we need to nor get complacent in any part of our lives :-) Stopping by from CBC

  9. Sadly, I tried yoga this week and wrenched my back! I like yoga, but haven't done it for a while...maybe I need a spin class. I've never tried that (when my back is better). Cute blog. Also saw you on CBC.

  10. I think this is such a great post! I am definitely going to try something new this week.


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