Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am currently
out of order

My body is here…

while my head is here…

Got some time to do a little of this?

Check out these articles:

Over and out, people. Hopefully I’ll be back with the living on Friday.

~Got any natural remedies for a throat that feels like it has been scratched through 10 times?

~Got any tricks for remembering every muscle, nerve, artery, and vein of the upper body?

**Ya…me neither


  1. My mom always told us to have this "brew" for throat issue:
    Hot water poured over a tablespoon of honey (raw is better) and a tablespoon of cider (apple is easier taste wise). They each have properites that help clean up and soothe the throat.

  2. uggh, sorry you're sick. HOpe you get the rest you need to make your body happy again! I have heard that the above "brew" is good for a sore throat. But instead of cider I've used apple cider vinegar.

  3. So sorry your sick! I've heard that same brew is good. But I've also heard gargling garlic is good so I don't know! Good luck!

  4. I've heard the same thing about the above brew but I've also heard that gargling with garlic is good for that! I hope you get feeling better really soon!

  5. ahhh! sorry you are sick! I like warm things when I am hot drinks of pretty much any kind :) Feel better.

    I have no tricks for memorizing. I usually just have to lock myself away and just stay so focused. Although sometimes I relate them to funny things and that helps a tiny bit. So for the test I remember whatever was funny and then usually it will jog my memory for the actual thing I am trying to remember. It worked when i had to memorize the brain...haha!

    Thanks for following me!! I am excited to follow you as well!! There are so many Utah people out there...I hope we can meet up sometime!!

  6. Aw, I'm sorry you're not feeling well! HOT tea with honey helps me a little bit:/. I am feeling the school stress, too! Ugh! Is it summer yet??:)

    As for the memorization, I can't really help you there:/. Good luck!!!


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