Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Days of "Egg"ucation


Only 7 days left of classes, a few finals, and I'm outta this place. Easier said than done though, right? Right.

Well, due to the fact that my brain is currently clogged with other schooling things, I'm sort of having writers block. Therefore, this weeks challenge is...

to "egg"ucate yourself!

Really, I'm looking for some new, fresh blog ideas. What do you want to learn about? What topics or info are you dying to get the scoop on? Fitness or nutrition related...I'd love to help you figure it out! One of the things I love about the "health" world is that there is always stuff to learn and read. And I LOVE to spend time finding out things and researching. So, please leave comments or e-mail me with suggestions! I want this summer to be full of lots of fun fitness and health posts that help us all. 

And the whole egg thing was really just for Easter this weekend. And probably also because I love eggs. So, get commenting, friends! I need some help!


  1. Gotta love eggs! We have some chickens and eat eggs a lot! I would love to read more of your fitness related posts, especially on injury prevention and ideas for healthy eating. You already do such a good job of that!

  2. Ah, so jealous that you are done with school so soon!! I still have a ways to go. Bleh!

    Hmm...healthified desserts?? That's always a favorite of mine...given my terrible sweet tooth:). Good lifting routines? I am still in a strength training rut...

  3. Great blog post. Love me some eggs! Thanks for always commenting on my blog. You're awesome! :)

  4. EGGcellent. haha, just had to. I love all your fun facts posts. always good reads!

  5. I have one month left of school, and I cannot wait!!

  6. i had an omelet for dinner tonight. i always forget how much i love eggs!


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