Personal Training

I am a W.I.T.S. certified personal trainer and love working with all ages and abilities. I love seeing people dedicate themselves to becoming stronger, healthier and happier. I specialize in working with athletes, women and youth. I completed an internship at Velocity Sports Performance where I helped teens and athletes improve their speed, agility, vertical and power.

I have competed in several triathlons, always placing in the top three of my age group. I also enjoy running road races and going for long rides on my road bike. I have trained for Ragnar as well as Lotoja and would love to help you train for a race, whether it be your first or your 50th!

By working with me I can help you set reasonable goals and reach them. Whether you are looking to lose weight, run faster, get nutritional guidance or just start your journey to becoming healthier, as a team we can work to accomplish your goals.

Training with a personal trainer at a gym can get crazy expensive. I'm totally aware of that, and slightly bothered by it. That's why I train out of my house and charge a fraction of the cost. I'm very willing to work with you in what you consider your price range is, because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be healthy and succeed. So don't hesitate to contact me regarding pricing and your needs. I train because I love it - not because I love the money.
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