Monday, April 11, 2011

Weighty Issues

Hey, friends! I am almost back in business. The nice cold that sent me to bed last week is hanging around still, but I’m much better than I was!

After this snowy (what?!) April weekend, I’m ready to plow through this week.

In my anatomy class we are learning about the muscular system. As we’ve talked about it, my professor has really emphasized how certain muscles are certain shapes and sizes for specific reasons to protect our bodies. He even gave an example using gorillas!


Their quad muscles make ours look like little twigs! They use their leg and arm muscles so frequently that they are developed to an extreme, which in turn protects them from injury.

So, can you guess what this week's challenge is?!
incorporate more weight training into your workouts!

This is definitely something I need to work on. A lot. I’m such a cardio junky that I often don’t make time for lifting. But it is so important! So this week, schedule some time. You’ll see the benefits in so many ways!

Have an awesome week! 

~Do you have a set schedule for weight lifting?
 **I try to do an upper body circuit twice a week with a lower body once a week. Certain weeks go better than others...ha

~If you could add any face to Mt. Rushmore, who would it be?
**I was asked this in an interview last week. Of course, I said John Stockton.  


  1. John Stockton! You're so cute! I'd probably add Regan's face up there. He was a good president.
    I like to do a circuit that I found in Runner's World a couple of months ago. I like lifting but I want it to be specific to helping with my running and remaining injury free.

  2. Injured my ankle running this weekend, so this cardio junkie is about to become much better with upper body strength training.

  3. I love the John Stockton additon! ha ha!

    I hope you are feeling better Trisha! Boo on colds. After my mary, I plan to set up a weight training schedule--I love plans. If somethings on paper i will do it!

  4. I love that you said John Stockton! so awesome...I really have no idea who I would add?? probably a player for the Atlanta Braves...haha.

    SO glad you are feeling better. I do not have a strength training "routine" but have been trying to incorporate it more now that I can't really run as much. It has been good...I hope I can keep it up even when I start hitting up the cardio more...I like feeling strong! ha.

    have a good night!

  5. I do not have a weight schedule right now:( I was good about it for a while but with the triathlon training and having to fit in three sports now I have fallen off the weight wagon so to speak:( I did do my sparatcus workout last Wednesday, though. I will try harder to get the weights in!:) I am a cardio junky as well:)

  6. I used to be really good about weights. I'd do 20 minutes of cardio then spend the rest of my workout doing weights. But I'm really trying to improve my cardio so I haven't been leaving much time for weights. I need to make sure I do it at least once or twice a week.

  7. Full body circuit 2x a week too! Then I try to get in some TRX and core 1-2x a week. BUILD ME SOME MUSCLE!


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