Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Perfect Example

Howdy, folks! You know how we were talking on Monday about changing things up, trying something new, going out of our comfort zones? Well…I have a perfect example for you. My MOM. And guess what…today is her BIRTHDAY!



She picked up running about 4 years ago and enjoyed running 5ks and 10ks and just doing it for exercise. Then 2 years ago she decided to do a half marathon! She rocked it! She did something that was challenging and new, and it was a great experience!

DSC00381 (2)
don’t be fooled…I only ran the last 2 miles with her. she didn’t even need me

DSC01472 (2)
I’ve never met someone that takes such good pictures while running the last mile of a race. Seriously.


Hey, mom. Thanks for being my biggest support and best friend. Some day, I hope I’m half the person you are! Happy, happy birthday!


  1. Your mom is awesome and adorable!! I love the first picture of the two of you, and I am totally jealous of her cute running picture! (I take horrible running pictures:). I think that's SO great that she picked it up recently and totally rocked a half marathon! Way to go!!

  2. Seriously! I wish I was half the person your mom is! I love her dearly! Great post, Trisha!
    -Cindy Beus

  3. I love this! Congrats to your Mom :)

  4. happy birthday to your mom!! what a great post. Love the pics :)

  5. That's the kind of mom I want to be. I want my kids to grow up thinking it's normal to run and workout. I want them to see my and my husband racing and competing well into our 50's, 60's and 70's.

  6. She is so inspiring! You are lucky to have her.

  7. that is awesome!! your mom is incredible!!!

  8. I love your mom !!..She is the best in everything !!..God bless your mom !!! LOve,Hilda Price


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