Monday, March 28, 2011

Protein Mix-Up

Hello friends! It is Monday and I’m back in school. I miss Spring Break already…but I’m ready to finish this semester off right!
In my anatomy class right now we are learning about the muscles of the upper and lower limb. It makes it fun to lift weights (which isn’t always that fun, let’s be honest). I get to figure out which lifts build certain muscles the best!
Along with building muscles in the weight room, it is important to build them in the kitchen! That’s right. This week, my challenge is…
to mix up your protein sources!
This can work for everyone. What I want you to think about is where you usually get your protein, and try new ways to get it in your diet. Often people only think about red meat and chicken. Here are some good sources of protein that people don’t always think about:
  • eggs
  • quinoa (Here are some recipes for quinoa!)
  • nuts
  • beans (I LOVE black beans!)
  • fish (Check this out…fish AND nuts!)
  • yogurt
Here is an interesting article on the best and worst protein sources you could check out too.
So, look at the above list and find something you don’t normally focus on with meals. Then, center your meal around it! There are lots of ways to center a meal around beans, quinoa, fish and eggs. And you’ll find it is quite delicious too!
Have a great week! Filled with building muscles and eating yummy food :)
~What is your favorite source of protein?

~Do you have a favorite dish that uses one of those protein sources?


  1. Hey girl! Found your blog recently! This is great! I gave up meat (except for fish) for lent and I have been eating more eggs, beans (love the black ones too!) and fish. So I'm doing the right stuff. My favorite dish for protein would probably be fish or beans.

  2. Ooh! Great informative post! Thanks for the quinoa link! I'm always looking for new recipes and I love quinoa!

    I love so many sources of protein but I think my go to is generally eggs and black beans!

  3. Hi, I love omelettes but mine usually end up looking like scrambled eggs :/ Therefore, I usually try to include fish into my diet everyday. At the moment I am training alongside the Body for Life plan so I am eating smoked salmon most lunchtimes and tuna at lunch x x

  4. I love beans but if I eat them I need to be the last person in the pace group or else it gets embarrassing

  5. Mmm. I love all of these alternative protein sources! I also pretty much live on yogurt. It took me a bit to get used to the taste of Greek yogurt, but now I love it and love that it's more protein, less sugar!

    One of my favorite things to make because it's quick and easy and can make big batches with lots of leftovers is Fiesta Chicken ( and then I make a batch of brown rice with spinach, scrambled eggs, and black beans to go with it. So good! It's also great with some avocado thrown on top!

  6. you just listed all of my favorite!! Eggs and quinoa are great together too!

  7. I can't decide--love everything on this list! I love the ease of my PB protein bars, but beans and eggs are simple meals too!!


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