Monday, March 14, 2011

Go Big or Go Home

How was your weekend? My nutrition class was really fun to teach, and everyone was asking questions and seemed interested...which I love! The weather was also fabulous, which is always a treat!

Let's jump right into things. On Friday I talked about an article from that talked about becoming vegan-ish by emphasizing plants in your diet. Can you guess what this week's challenge is?

increase your veggie intake!

How do you do this? Well, it is easier than you think. I've decided to break it down into some simple steps:
1. Determine how many servings you are getting currently. Look at what you eat on a day to day basis and count out the servings. 
 (This is what my personal fridge looks like. Clearly, I love vegetables.)
2. Set a goal for serving intake each day. I would encourage you to get 3 to 4 servings a day. You can check out to get an idea of servings and vegetable ideas. 

3. Sit down and plan out menu ideas that allow for adequate vegetable intake. I recommend starting in the morning! This can be done by making spinach shakes, juicing spinach and fruit, or making a veggie omlet. Then plan for small snacks through the day of chopped veggies, fit in a salad at lunch or dinner, and have a side dish of veggies. Then you're good to go!

 (ingredients: 2 big handfuls of spinach, frozen raspberries, a peach, water...delicious!)

A while back I talked about making a healthy switch from potato chips to kale chips...I will post that super easy recipe on Wednesday!

Until then...get your veggies! Just remember, go big, or go home :)

~What's your favorite vegetable?**pretty sure it is broccoli. But I also LOVE my spinach smoothie I have each morning

~How do you make sure you are getting enough vegetables in each day?
**Like I said earlier, I start with breakfast. Then when I want a snack through the day, I always pair it with some celery, carrots, or sliced peppers. I usually have a salad or veggie side dish for dinner as well.


  1. Glad your class was a hit!! No doubts here!

    Great idea showing a pic of your fridge--you have my wheels spinning!

    I love broc and spinach too!

  2. Aw class sounds great!!! My favorite vegetable is definitely spinach!!!

  3. green smoothies are the BEST way to increase your veggies !

  4. Wonderful tips, Trisha! I LOVE veggies, so getting enough of them is kind of a no-brainer in my world :) I use them to bulk up meals, I cut up peppers to substitute a side of chips with a sandwich and I stock up on them with every grocery trip. My favorites are broccoli and asparagus! :)

  5. I don't know if I can pick just one favorite veggie! I think I'd have to pick spinach, but there are so many that I really love.

  6. Stop reading my mind! I was just thinking today how I need to work to up my veggie intake:/.

    Hmm, favorite veggie is hard, maybe red bell peppers or grilled asparagus?


  7. I love that motto! So I just sutffed myself with collard green wraps and carrots. I'm almost to my 5 servings today, yes!!


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