Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness

March is HERE. 
Weird? Yes.
Exciting? Yes yes yes!
 (My excited face! Don't you always tuck your sweatshirt into your sweats?!)

I have quite a few things to look forward to this month:
1. School ends in April. That is the next month
2. Teaching a nutrition class to some athletes next week...thanks Coach Ali!
3. St. Patricks Day! I love green...and St. Patrick's Day parties!
4. Spring Break in Arizona for some quality cousin time and sunshine!
5. Setting new goals for the month! Just like January and February. Yup, we like habits of setting goals!
6. Certifying to be a Spin Instructor!
7. Keep logging my 1,000 miles
8. Warmer weather...which means less driving in the snow!

(I pretty much hate it.)

It's been a good first week.  

~How was your spin class? (if you aren't a fan of spinning, maybe you could try this workout! haha!)
~Any sweet plans for March?


  1. I'm going to a run a 12k trail race. I'm really excited because I've never run past 5.5 something miles in the first place. I'm enjoying training on the trails instead of pavement, it's a fun challenge.

  2. That's exciting you're getting certified for spinning! I LOVE spinning, and it's such a good workout. I get so into it if the instructor is up-beat & the music is good.

  3. Ahahahaha! Love this pic!! Of course I tuck my sweatshirts in!! Happy March!

  4. I don't even want to think about what 'spinning' might be but I strongly suspect it's beyond my old body. I've taken to the Wii exercises for 2011. But,you're looking great. Hello from Casual Bloggers. Come visit when you can 'spin' over!

  5. Doesn't everybody tuck their sweatshirt into their pants? Weird.

    Spring in AZ is the best, I grew up there, and I miss it terribly (though, I really can't complain, since I'm in FL now!)


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