Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I’m On the Right Track

It's Wednesday already! Goodness. Have any of you put in your interval workout yet? I did a fun speed one yesterday, and will probably do my hills this weekend. 

It has been super rainy/snowy here since Monday. But tomorrow the forecast says upper 50’s! Woo hoo!


As promised on Monday I told you I would post the workout I did on Saturday, just to give you an idea of an interval workout. I have lots, so I'm considering making a page of them for people to use. How does that sound?

7 to 10 Workout
Each interval is in bold, and each set increases by a minute (from 7 to 10…get it?) The first section of the interval should be a pretty easy pace, the second about regular pace, and the third you should push yourself. Then, if you’re feeling really good, make each interval a little harder while adding the minute! For the last interval, the 10 minute one, I start at a slower pace and increase .1 with each minute. Of course, you should listen to your body and do the speeds you think you should. This is just how I did mine!




0 – 3 minutes 4.0 6
3 – 5 minutes 6.5 1
5 – 8 minutes 6.7 1
8 – 10 minutes 7.0 1
10 – 12 minutes 4.0 6
12-14 minutes 6.6 1
14 – 17 minutes 6.8 1
17 – 20 minutes 7.1 1
20 – 21 minutes 4.0 6
21-24 minutes 6.7 1
24 – 27 minutes 6.9 1
27 – 30 minutes 7.2 1
30 – 31 minutes 4.0 6
31- 41 minutes 6.5 – 7.4 1
41 – 45 minutes 4.0 1

I hope that makes sense. I liked it quite a bit!

As a side note, here is a cool music video that talks about loving your body the way you are! We all would like to make changes, but it is important to love the body we have been given and embrace it. We are bombarded with so many false images of how women “should” look that we often forget what normal is. So check it out!

Check out for more info!

~What do you love about your body?
*I love that I have a body that can exercise and be pushed and build muscle. It’s pretty amazing!
~Do you prefer hills or sprints?
*I like both at different times. They both work different muscles and give different workouts…and it always feels good when you finish!


  1. That's a killer workout! Usually when I do intervals my time on the treadmill is shorter. I prefer hills to sprits because I'm like a one speed pony! I'm not very fast ahah :)

  2. oh ya, great workout. I LOVE HILLS! but they don't love me. Gotta go easy now, darn glutes are sore.

  3. Woah crazy work out! I love hills, but my butt gets way too sore!

    I love my heart (too corny? I'm okay with it).

  4. Your workout sounds awesome ,I love hills after I run them, while running is another story!

  5. Wow, I am really surprised everyone is saying hills!! I hate hills--they kill me way more than sprints! I like speed work because it makes me feel like I'm a speedster even though I'm not:)

    It's been rainy and yucky here, too:( I gymed it up for my 5 miler this morning.

  6. i could use that umbrella right now! we had horrible wind and rain storm that blew my umbrella away!!! when i finally got to it, it was mangled and destroyed lol. so i had to go home soaking wet :( haha


  7. I definitely prefer sprints, but hills probably produce more improvement!

  8. Great to find your blog and wow! you are super motivated. Love it.

  9. This workout looks awesome! I usually do shorter (30 - 60 sec) intervals, so I'm definitely gonna try these longer intervals.
    I've learned to love hills because there's so many killer hills in my town. I love my body because it pushes up these hills!

  10. I found this link of yours via mormon mommy blogs so sorry for the blog stalking! :)
    I played volleyball and ran track through college and did tri's.... you get the idea. I have not, however, kept it up. I am glad to have found your site though and really love the interval training!


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