Monday, February 21, 2011

Super Swaps!

Happy Presidents Day!

Let's jump right into the last week of February! (can you believe it?!) A couple weeks ago our challenge had to do with eating oatmeal. More importantly, eating the real stuff and not the packaged stuff.

Well, this week there is a similar challenge. Mostly because I just LOVE making healthy changes. Because one change can make a huge difference! So this week, I challenge you to...

make some super healthy swaps!
Before you assume that I'm asking you to only eat fruits and veggies for snacks, let me explain :) There are several ways to make healthy swaps in day to day life that will make a difference in how you feel and how you are feeding your body. 

I encourage you to look at your daily life and what you eat, and think of some changes you can make on your own. Here are a few that I find to be fantastic:
  • choose air popped popcorn over the microwave stuff
  • try putting some salsa on your salad instead of dressing (lower calorie, and more vegetables!)
  • make some homemade granola bars instead of store bought (recipe coming soon!)
  • swap out the peanut butter from the store with some natural nut butters! My favorite in Maranatha's Almond Butter. The only ingredient is raw almonds! And there are tons of different kinds.
  • swap out your regular ranch dip for veggies with some guacamole! Check out this website - so cool!
  • trade your greasy potato chips for some kale chips! They are delicious - I promise! (recipe on Wednesday!)
So there are just a few ideas to make some super swaps this week. Hopefully you can make one or two of these, or come up with some on your own. Getting healthy is a process, and it takes small changes to make a big difference!

~What are some other healthy swaps you make?
~What are your favorite healthy snacks?

1 comment:

  1. -Instead of dipping veggies in ranch dressing, dip them in hummus. It has little fat (only a little for tahini) and it's full of protein.
    -I'm substituting whole grains for white flours as much as possible, still need to work on a good whole wheat bread recipe...
    -Milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

    I love almond butter. We have a "health" store called Earth Fare and instead of buying a brand you just press the power button and get some freshly grinded one.


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