Friday, October 14, 2011

Going Nuts!

It probably isn’t news to anyone that I love nuts. Particularly of the almond variety, in the form of almond butter. But what’s even better is that they are kind of healthy for you! I say kind of because they should be eaten in moderation, like most things. Let’s just say I could work on the moderation thing a bit…


Is there anything better than the fresh almond butter machines? Seriously. Sign me up for Christmas, please.

Anyway, here are some facts about 4 “nuts” that we consume pretty dang regularly. I say “nuts” because the first one, in fact, is not a nut.

1. Peanuts – Despite the word nut in the name, it is actually a legume. Pretty tricky, eh? It is because they are grown underground. They were discovered by conquistadors in South America years ago.

Serving: 32 peanuts
Nutrition Facts: 159 calories – 14 g. fat – 7 g protein

P.S. did you know it take 540 nuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter? I sure didn’t.


2. Walnuts – These buddies are the oldest tree fruit – yes, fruit – known to man. They were initially traded along the Silk Road until they arrived in the U.S. in the late 1700s. Just ONE handful of these boasts more antioxidants than other shelled snacks. Boo-ya!

Serving: 14 walnut halves
Nutrition Facts: 183 calories – 18 g fat – 4 g protein


3. Pistachios – Legend has it that pistachio trees were planted in Nebuchadnezzar’s famed gardens around 600 BC. Although that in and of itself is pretty stellar, these seeds are loaded with vitamin B-6.

Serving: 49 pistachios
Nutrition Facts: 158 calories – 13 g fat – 6 g protein


4. Almonds – Botanically speaking, almonds are also a fruit, which explains how yummy they are in desserts and sweets. In addition to flavor, one ounce supplies the same amount of polyphenols (health-promoting compounds) as a cup of green tea. Fancy that.

Serving: 22 almonds
Nutrition Facts: 161 calories – 14 g fat – 6 g protein



~What’s your favorite nut?

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