Friday, September 30, 2011

A Weight Loss Strategy

**Side note…all those sweet pictures from my Dirty Dash recap were my mom’s doing. She, my dad and brother all ran their hearts out to be at different obstacles to take pictures, film and cheer. Love them!

Often times when we think of weight loss strategies we think of working out and decreasing calorie. Both of those things make sense, but have you ever considered certain behavior modifications that can be a huge help in weight loss and weight management (which is usually much harder!)

Psychologists working with people trying to lose weight often address how to modify problem behaviors. Every person is different and needs to determine what their main problem behaviors are so they can address them. Here are some factors that help place the problem in perspective and organize the intervention strategy.

1. chain-breaking: This separates behaviors that tend to occur together – such as eating while watching TV or doing work, or doing homework while mindlessly snacking. Acknowledge these behaviors that occur together and try to break them apart. It could really make a difference!



2. stimulus control: This puts YOU in charge of temptations. Doing things like not buying foods that you shouldn’t be eating in the kitchen, making healthy snacks more available in the fridge and on the counter, or avoiding the vending machine by packing your own snack.

3. cognitive restructuring: I think this is a big one…it has to do with changing your frame of mind. When it has been a long day or you were just in a fight, instead of going to food, restructure your mind to instead try going on a walk, talking to someone, or practicing some yoga. Teach your body to want to do act in positive ways to negative situations.

4. contingency management:
This has to do with preparing yourself for situations that may trigger overeating or hinder physical activity plans. When you know you have a busy week ahead of you, try to schedule in exercise a different times, even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood before bed. Also, if you know you’ll be heading to a party, use some party techniques!

5. self-monitoring: By using various ways to track and record your progress and goals, it helps you better determine what areas need work. When you are consistently monitoring yourself, weight loss can happen faster simply because you can change things around as needed.

~What are some of your weight loss/weight management strategies?

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Hope you have a great weekend!

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