Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Active Vacation

Like I said on Monday, my mom and I took a trip to Las Vegas while I had a few days break from school. We definitely aren’t city girls, but it was fun to spend time together, see a few shows and experience a new city.

Often times people say it is difficult to exercise on vacation…or they just don’t want to. The thing is, people also often eat more on vacation than normal. So really, exercise is sort of really important. My mom and I made time each day to do something active. Between taking an hour long yoga class offered where we stayed and spending two days hiking different places and walking around the city, we got our bodies moving!

So here is my best advice for those heading on a vacation:

1. pack for it – just like you pack clothes for a nice night out to dinner or a show, pack clothes and gym shoes for the exercise room or some walking around town.

2. plan for it – most people make a plan of what they will do on vacation…so when planning out your day or week, plug in time for activity. that could be going to the gym, going to a local park for a jog, finding a place near by to hike or just walking around

3. enjoy it – make exercise a FUN part of the trip. explore the city and go to various “hot spots” that the destination is famous for that incorporate lots of movement.

So, as promised, here are some pictures from my active vacation:


(these are from hiking in Red Rock Canyon – absolutely beautiful!)




(in this case we were watching people be very active…Mystere was amazing!)


(seen during one of our many walks around the city)






(these are from hiking in Kolob Canyon…can you believe the colors?!)

Obviously, it was a great time! We definitely prefer the clean mountain air from the smoke filled air on the strip. Both were a fun time though!

~When’s your next vacation?

~How so YOU stay active on vacations?

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