Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoga, anyone?

So I told you last week that one of my goals for January was to do more Yoga. I'm a college student that doesn't have tons of time or money to go to a yoga studio, but I'm determined to get some in at least once a week, just to give my running and cycling legs some good stretching. So this week, the challenge is:
Do some yoga!

It doesn't have to be a long session, it doesn't have to be multiple times, it can even just be after a long cardio session. Just give it a try, and you'll probably see why there are lots of "yogatics" out there. It feels nice to give your body a full stretch!

Today's the first day of a new semester, which means a day full of reading overwhelming syllabuses/syllabi (it can be either way, I just looked it up so I wouldn't sound like a fool). So I'm definitely going to try to fit in some yoga this week! 

Especially since I'll be lugging around these beauties each day for the next 4 months. Thank you, human anatomy.

Have a great week! And keep working on those goals :)

~Are you a "yogatic"?
~ Do you have a favorite yoga DVD or workout you do?

P.S. guess who just scored big? my new roommate is a yoga instructor! Classes every Saturday. I'll probably die...but I'm excited!

1 comment:

  1. I practice yoga occasionally. I'm lucky enough that there is a yoga center offering free classes (the teachers donate hours). I've slacked off lately but I'm trying to get back into it as a part of a my cross-training to get to do a 12k. I find that it helps me feel re-centered somehow.


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