Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonder of Water

My (big) younger brother has a high school basketball game that I can't make it to this afternoon. I love watching his here's a shout out to him and his team! Go get em' cavemen!

A day at the golf course in Bear Lake

So, how was your trip to buy yourself a fancy water bottle? Or better yet, did you find one at your house that was ready to travel with you? I hope so.

I was reading about benefits of water, and pretty much they involve everything! But here is something I thought you'd find helpful and interesting:

In an issue of the journal Obesity, there was a study done that people that drink 16 ounces of water before sitting down to eat reduced their calorie consumption more than those who didn't. So pretty much, this translates to weight loss in the end. (be aware, though, that sipping too much water through the meal can hinder proper digestion. Drinking water, or anything else, should be mostly done before the meal)

Another tidbit worth mentioning is the fact that thirst is frequently mistaken for hunger. Both hunger and thirst originate from the hypothalamus. When your body has learned that you will react to hunger pains faster than thirst "pains", then it will try to get your attention through the hunger pains. But really all it needs is some water! So if you are hungry for a snack or get hungry quickly after a meal, drink a full glass of water and then wait at least 10 minutes before you eat again. Deal?

That's a pretty easy practice to instill if you ask me. So go ahead and give it a try!

~ What's your favorite sport to watch?
~Have you noticed any improvements or changes since drinking more water this week? I sure hope so!


  1. I love watching cycling, track and field, and football. Not really your typical sports, but they're so great.

    Stumbled across your blog and love it!

  2. That's awesome! Track and field are always a highlight for me during the Olympics. Welcome to the blog!


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