Friday, January 21, 2011

Burn baby burn!

It's Friday! When I played high school volleyball, every Friday when one of my coaches would walk into the gym she would yell "It's fun Friday!" And although that did mean we usually got to play some sort of game at the end of practice, it also meant we had to run before we could play that game. Fun Friday? Maybe...

So yesterday I had a KILLER Thursday. That doesn't go together. But my workout rocked my socks. I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, but I combined my running hill intervals with my leg weights day. Ha...what was I thinking! Let's just say walking around campus during the day I could feel the burn.

While I was huffing and puffing through the hill runs, I started dreaming of this:

 Zions National Park

Mt. Timpanogos

That's right. Some good, quality hiking. I'm itching for warm weather and summer time! That means running outside, hiking, swimming, and not having to walk around campus in huge winter coats! Yipee!

Until then...'ll find me all bundled up! Have a great weekend!

~What was your best workout this week?
~Are you a hiking fanatic too?


  1. I looove hiking! And my best workout this week was a body stemp/body pump combo class :)

  2. I am totally stoked for the warm weather to come around too! These thighs need a good workout or two or three...


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