Monday, April 30, 2012

Stretching: Hips

I’ve talked about stretching on the blog before. It’s really important to take the time to stretch, especially AFTER working out. Stretching before is not as important, and really shouldn’t be done unless your muscles are warm. So if you’d like to stretch before a run, take a 5 minute easy jog, stretch, then start your run. Your muscles can’t stretch sufficiently when cold, and it could even lead to injury.

Today I thought I’d show you some stretches to do for your hips – stretches that might not be as common but are really important. Tight hips can lead to all sorts of other problems and injuries, so don’t let it slip by the wayside!

Seated Hip Stretch


Pigeon Pose


Hip Flexor


Hip & Glute


These are just a few I like to do after long runs or a leg session of weights. Be sure to hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds.

~Got any favorite stretches after a hard workout session?

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  1. Ok, this is such great information! Back in the day when I ran a lot, I had injuries resulting from the hip. So these are so good to know. Also, I didn't know that--about stretching ahead of time--that if it's cold, it's not necessary to stretch and in fact can lead to injuries. Wow! I was doing it all wrong! SUCH helpful info!


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