Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Into Action

On Friday I told you to get on your feet…so today I tell you to get out!

Spring has arrived and even though Utah goes from 3 days of warm to 3 days of cold, I still love that it gives me more opportunities to go outside and exercise, read or garden. Getting kids to get outside can sometimes be rough, especially with how much technology there is out there. Why go shoot hoops when you can shoot hoops as Kobe Bryant on your ipad? Hm.

Here are some ways to SPRING INTO ACTION and get outside to enjoy this time of year:

- get your hands dirty: start a garden, plant some flowers, or go help someone clean up their yard…a bonus is that you get some fresh produce or a great opportunity to serve!


- team up: get some neighbors and play some yard games like ultimate frisbee, kickball, flag football, or anything else you can think of

- sneak in some walking: taking your kids to a nearby park, mini golf course, the zoo or a water park is a great way to get them to spend a lot of time on their feet while doing something fun

- get some new wheels: next time you need to go somewhere close with your family, pull out the bikes, scooters and roller blades instead of the car


- race: there are lots of kinds of races to do, but a great one to get everyone involved is a photo scavenger hunt through a neighborhood or park

- take it outside: plan a picnic to a nearby park…tip: go early enough to let your kids play before eating. Studies have shown that when kids get some sort of recess or exercise before, they will eat more and eat better than if they are rushing to eat so they can go play

~What are some of your favorite activities to do outside?

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