Friday, April 20, 2012

Slimming Secrets

The weather is getting better (other than all the rain…) and people are getting antsy for those summer months. But along with that is the annual “spring diet” to get in “swimsuit shape”. All over the internet you can find fad diets that claim you can drop 10 lbs in a week. I hope that you stop yourself before signing up for another juice fast and instead take a few seconds to go through some of these realistic and successful tips for losing weight the right way, while treating your body fairly and increasing your health.
1. write it down: I know I’m a broken record but this truly makes a huge difference. For one week, measure everything and write it all down, and better yet use an online food tracker just to get an idea of how much you are eating versus how much you are burning – it can be really eye opening!
2. drink water: Being dehydrated can lead you to eating more, and also lead to other not so friendly side effects. So fill up that water bottle and get to it!
3. sweat it out: Dedicate yourself to at least 30 minutes of sweaty exercise 4 to 5 days a week. Sweating and exercise have so many benefits besides losing weight, like helping to detox (without the juice fast!), reduce stress and keep your body strong.
4. eat: Crazy idea, right? First figure out what works for you – 5 smaller meals or 3 larger meals. But keep in mind if you are snacking more, the meals need to be smaller too. A good rule for everyone is if you are going to be eating a meal within an hour, try not to snack and just drink water instead. But also, never go into a meal starving – it almost guarantees over eating. And NEVER SKIP A MEAL and MAKE BREAKFAST BIG!
5. love yourself and be patient: When you expect the weight to fall off, then you will let yourself down. Your body is a blessing and deserves to be treated with respect. By making healthy changes, you are showing that respect. So be sure to eat the stuff from the ground, get sleep, stay active, and move forward with a positive attitude.
Have a great weekend! With some nice warm weather, hopefully!

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  1. You wrote # 5 for me, right? Ha ha! No really, I appreciate the reminder. Great post!


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