Monday, April 9, 2012

Dogs and Running

What, you don’t think dogs and running go together? Because they sure do.

I have a confession…

I’ve never been afraid of dogs. In fact, I usually enjoy being around them. Even the big ones that are the size of a horse.


Okay maybe not. But anyway. I think dogs are fun to play with and usually pretty cute and super smart. The only time I don’t like dogs?

While running.

In fact, they pretty much scare me.


Here is an example: Just last week I was running in a neighborhood near my house. I was just about ready to head back home when I started turning a corner and a some what large dog came barking and running toward me. After my heart started pounding and my sweat level increased significantly, I stopped in the middle of the street. Pretty smart right? Well, if I moved AT ALL the dog would bark and follow me looking like he was about to bite my hand off. So I stood there whispering sweet nothings in his ears hoping he would turn around and go home. That might not be completely true – it was more like trying not to move while telling him that I was a nice person. After probably 5 minutes he calmed down enough that I could walk to the side walk and then his owner came out and he ran away.

See the fear? Yes, it is legit. So people, either teach your dogs that runners aren’t bad people or keep them on a leash PLEASE.

This post really has no point…but I will say that I’m glad I’m not this kid.


Happy Monday!

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