Monday, October 1, 2012

Outstanding October

Happy October, everyone! Here's a list of ways to make October Outstanding!

1. Go to an apple orchard and pick some juicy ones!
2. Sign up for a Thanksgiving 5k...they are everywhere and it's even better when they go for a good cause. (so start training!)
3. Make a hearty vegetable soup - it's warm and comforting and full of veggies!
4. Lend some service in your community
5. Try a new type of exercise: yoga, hiking, spin class, name it! Don't let yourself get in an exercise rut this time of year.
6. Eat some pumpkin seeds. Better yet, carve a pumpkin and make your own!
7. Go for a walk and collect some fall leaves
8. Plan a relaxing evening for you - whether that's a night in wearing sweats watching a movie or going to dinner with friends - do something for you!
9. Make some healthy goals for the holiday season
10. Take pictures of those things that make you smile

~What will you do to make October a great month?

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