Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Ever looking for a way to make a quick yet delicious dish? I have some great news for you. Just try adding OOPS.

Oh, you don’t know what OOPS is?

Olive Oil, Pepper & Salt (sea salt, please).

Seriously, it is all you need.

Put it on spaghetti squash, sliced red potatoes, some fresh salmon, sweet potatoes, kale chips, asparagus…you name it. It is a simple and healthy way to add flavor to your food.



As far as cooking method, you can even mix that up. Toss your potatoes in a little olive oil, spread them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with pepper and salt and roast for 20-30 minutes.


You can grill your fish or asparagus after applying OOPS.


You can microwave your sweet potato and flavor with OOPS.


The possibilities are endless! Add some OOPS to your life :)

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