Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday’s Favorites

Hi, friends! Here is another round of Friday's Favorites! Hope you have a stellar weekend! I know I’m looking forward to a fun St. Patricks day party and some (hopefully) good weather!

- Emotional eating? I think we could all say we do it. But next time, when your body talks, listen.

- Some get bored eating salad. I could (and do) eat the same thing every day. But for your anti-boring people, here’s 45 Salad Recipes


- So you’re injured. Do you need RICE or POLICE? Interesting new find!


- This Southwest Quinoa Salad looks delicious…and makes me excited for summer and lots of vegetables!


- Here is a new treadmill interval run to try…looks fun to me!

- These Flaxseed Muffins pack 6 grams of protein and some healthy fats!

- Yesterday was National Peanut Lovers Day. Did you know that over 15% of the healthy oils are lost in the process of roasting nuts? Raw people, eat ‘em raw!


- I told you what motivates me. So here is another keep on moving.

Talk to you Monday! I’ve got a yummy new recipe to share :)

1 comment:

  1. Throw some mango into that quinoa salad and it's amazing!


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