Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party Tips

If you haven't gone to one already, a holiday party is probably right around the corner! Here are some party tips to keep you from over indulging and regretting it later.

1. Plan Ahead: Don't go to the party really hungry, but also make sure you are packing in veggies and low fat foods earlier in the day
2. Include Exercise Before You Go: Exercise will help you burn off those extra calories before eating them, as well as boosting your metabolism for the rest of the day
3. Mingle Away From the Food: Don't hang out near the snacks! You'll eat while you talk, which always results in eating more than you thought you were
4. Use a Plate: Allow yourself only one plate, and don't cover it and don't reuse it. With those rules, you will only pick the things you really want, and avoid the "okay" foods that just add extra calories
5. Take Half: If you are there with a friend or family member, split a cookie you both like or a certain dessert. That way you get the taste you want, but don't get all the extra fat and calories from a whole serving.
6. Don't Drink Your Calories: Eggnog, fruit punch, beer, wine and soda all are back with calories and sugar. Opt for the water and you'll save 200 calories easily
7. Stop Eating Early: The party might go on for hours, but set a time that you have to stop. If it's a dinner party, say you won't eat the snack in a couple hours after the dinner. By only eating at a certain time, and earlier in the evening, it allows your body to burn it off before you go home and saves you from mindless munching later because you are bored or with friends.
8. Keep Things In Perspective: If you do slip up at one part, recommit, make sure you eat well and exercise in the coming week, and for the next party try a little harder. Don't get down on yourself, but remember how it made you feel and move forward. Being too hard on yourself will hurt more than help!

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