Monday, April 5, 2010

Tricks for Eating Less!

1. Don’t Take Your Dishes of Food to the Table: if you cooked it on the stove, take your helping and go sit down. When you have to get up to get seconds, you’ll think twice

2. Use Smaller Plates: smaller plates, smaller portions!
3. Save Fruit for Dessert: Knowing you have dessert, hopefully you’ll eat less at dinner. Then just having fruit will give you the sweetness with less sugar and calories
4. Don’t Multi Task: I know we all like to, but while eating, really concentrate on eating. Don’t watch TV or read or look at the back of the cereal box. That’s mindless, and you’ll end up eating more
5. Put the Box Away: If you really want some crackers, take out one serving and then put the box away. You won’t eat more, and if you’re still hungry for a snack, grab a fruit or some veggies
6. Take It Slow: Eat with your non-dominant hand…try it! You’ll slow down and when you slow down, you realize when you’re satisfied before you’re stuffed. You can even try putting your fork down between each bite.
7. Get That Clean Feeling: Once you feel satisfied and you’re done eating, go brush your teeth, rinse it with mouth wash, or put a stick of gum in. You won’t want to eat with that taste in your mouth!
8. Don’t Miss Meals: Not only does it hurt your metabolism, but for some reason your mind starts to rationalize everything you choose to eat, and underestimate your caloric intake. Usually when people skip a meal, they more than double what they eat their next meal to “make up for it” which hurts you in the long run. Just eat small meals throughout the day and you will stay satisfied
9. Keep Snacks Out of Sight: If you have a treat you really like but it isn’t good for you, put it on the highest shelf or a hard to see place. That way you will only get it if you REALLY want it, and then remember to put the box away after you get a little taste
10. Leave the Evidence: If you’re eating something with trash, like a muffin or chicken wings with bones, leave the trash on your plate until you are all done. That way you can visually see how much you are eating and be less likely to eat more.
Hope this helps! Happy Eating!

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  1. I love the left handed thing! I eat so fast!! When I was dating I'd only take a bite when the guy did so I woulnd't be done faster than him haha


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