Monday, April 12, 2010


We have all heard how beneficial it is to have dinner with your family sitting together. It creates bonds, keeps your family close, and opens up communication between parents and children. So I guess we don’t really need more reasons to cook at home. But I have more! Take a look at these nutrition facts from restaurants, supermarkets, and then home-cooked meals.
Pizza (per slice): 210 calories/510 calories/187 calories
Hamburger: 830 calories/350 calories/329 calories
Steak: 655 calories/360 calories/243 calories
Grilled Cheese: 430 calories/590 calories/270 calories
Enchilada: 1,315 calories/380 calories/304 calories
Roast Beef Sandwich: 571 calories/700 calories/245 calories

Obviously these are all average amounts, but you get the point. By all means, still go out to eat. But next time, make sure you are sharing your plate. Or to make that good food last super long, as soon as you get it ask for a box and put at least half of it away for later. Sometimes more than half is even better!

(*info retrieved from Cook This, Not That)

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