Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel Younger and Live Longer

Let’s face it, we are all getting older. But just because we can’t control the number attached to our lives, doesn't mean we can't control the body we have. As we age, remember these tips to make life even greater than it already is!

1. For a healthy heart, make sure you are exercising hard enough to break a sweat at least three times a week
2. Make sure you balance cardio with strength training to maintain bone density
3. Add flexibility training through yoga. It reduces stress on joints and your mind, increases strength and encourages inner serenity
4. Get your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar tested regularly. If you stay on top of it you can catch it early, and then eating well and exercise will keep you from having to take medications
5. Eat heart healthy foods, such as nuts, olive oil, or fish
6. Eat “brain food” each day: an ounce of nuts a day, cup of soybeans, 8 oz. tomato juice, or an ounce of cocoa-based chocolate (the darker the better!)
7. Boost your immune system by eating foods like yogurt, garlic and pumpkin seeds. It’s also smart to take a basic multi vitamin daily.
8. Get your sunshine! Walk outside or read a book on your porch for at least 30 minutes. Sunshine gives us the vitamin D we need. If you can’t go outside for allergies or other reasons, make sure to take a water soluble vitamin D supplement.
9. Learn to breathe properly! Doing yoga or pilates can really help with this
10. Make sleep a priority. 7-8 hours a night for men and 6-7 hours a night for women reduce the risk of heart attacks
11. Exercise your brain every day: change the routes you drive, do puzzles, play an instrument or go to classes on something that interests you
12. Daydream! Non-routine thought processes keeps your brain flexible and your cognitive function high.

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