Monday, August 13, 2012

Food as Nourishment

We often read and hear about (and focus on) what food can do for your body by slimming it down and making you feel good. While those things are important and great, eating the correct nutrients can also make your skin glow, hair shine and nails stronger. Here are the top 8 nutrient-rich foods that make you radiant!

- Berries & Melon:
Both are low sugar fruits and help to make skin firm and taut. It's important to avoid high-sugar foods, including high sugar fruits like pineapple and banana. Sugar prompts a cycle that, among other things, promotes unhealthy skin. Here's what generally happens: high-sugar foods spike your blood sugar, which triggers the release of insulin. This sets off a chain of hormonal reactions, which in turn conditions your body to retain water and increase inflammation, both of which contribute to puffy and tired-looking skin. The point? For healthier skin, be mindful of sugar content and the amount you take in each day.