Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Commercial Sweat

The average hour-long television show has about 17 minutes of ads. Instead of using that time to channel surf or raid the fridge, hop off the couch and do some of these exercises. You can either pick one exercise and do it the whole commercial break and switch the next time, or go through each exercise for 20 reps and move on until your show is back on!

Body Weight Squats:
Be sure to not let your knees go in front of your toes, and keep your weight back.

Jumping Jacks:
Try different kinds, such as regular, sumo jumping jacks (get low in a squat), skiers (side to side) and scissors (cross legs when they come together). 


Tricep Dips:
Use your coffee table for this exercise. Grab the edge of the tabletop and bend your elbows to let your body drop downward until your triceps are parallel to the ground. 
For beginners, keep your knees bent. More advanced, keep legs straight. 

You can do these on the ground on your toes, on your knees, against a wall or against a sofa. Make sure you are lowering your chest to get a full range of motion. 

Enjoy the show! :)

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