Monday, June 11, 2012

Grab and Go

So it's the middle of the afternoon and your kids come running in from playing outside or from swimming saying their hungry. Right? Right. Here are some quick and easy snacks you can whip up or just have ready for them. It's great to give them these instead of other options that are a little less healthy and come in packages :)

First up, the simple and common celery and peanut butter (or almond butter). Slice it up and slather on some PB and you're good to go. Know you don't have to totally fill the celery...PB has enough flavor that if you just line it, the kids will still love it. And go for the nature stuff, please! You can also add some raisins on top to make ants on a log, if you wish.

Next up, try these banana treats. Slice up a banana and put a dollop of PB on top, then a dollop of melted chocolate on top. Pop them in the freezer for about 30 minutes (or until the kids come inside) and they have have a cold, yummy treat!

Last up, here is a simple whole wheat quesadilla you can make. This one is filled with chicken and cheese, with a little cheese on top. You can make it even better by filling it with some veggies (think chopped sweet peppers, onions, tomato) and cheese, or just have plain cheese and dip it in salsa. You can slice it up like a pizza and share with everyone!

So there ya have it. Try some new snacks that the kids will like, you will like, and are a bit more healthy than the normal go-tos on those hot summer afternoons.

Have a great week!

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