Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mentally Tough

It was just about 4 years ago when I started training for my first 10k. I had done several sprint triathlons and 5ks before that. I was excited to try a new distance and a new race.


Physically, I was ready. I probably could have gone out and run 6 miles with little training just because I was in good enough shape at the time.

What stopped me? My head. For some reason, getting past that 5 mile mark was TOUGH. I just didn’t want to or didn’t believe in myself. It seemed too hard – but it wasn’t.

So what got me there? I just made myself do it, and I talked myself up. I mapped out a 6 mile run with NO shortcut options and went on my way. And I did it. And I enjoyed it.


There are still days that I struggle with my mental game more than my physical. I don’t think I can run as fast as I want for my interval workout, or I doubt that I can conquer a certain hill or distance. But I can. And you can too.


So I guess today I just want to challenge you to BELIEVE in yourself. Believe that you can go that extra mile or just a little bit faster. Believe that you can do hard things. You can.

Do some positive self talk, come up with a mantra, reflect on past triumphs…anything to get you to see just how powerful you are. Go get em!

**Disclaimer: there are times when you need to listen to your BODY over your MIND…don’t go so hard you get injured and over train. Be smart about it :)


  1. i loved this!!! i'm learning what my body is capable and it's much more than i would have ever thought!

  2. GREAT POST!!! So motivating!!!


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