Monday, February 20, 2012

Making It Your Own

It can be overwhelming to take a recipe and make it healthier. Sometimes you don't know how much to change, what to keep the same, and what to expect when it turns out!

Well, last week my family got a Papa Murphy's pizza. I have to commend Papa Murphy's - I think it is fabulous that they offer lots of choices (like thin crust and loaded with veggies), and it is always fresh!

So my mom brought home a pepperoni pizza. One thing they could work on is cut down on the pepperoni coverage...seriously!


So I took it upon myself to make it my own - a bit healthier version! First I cleared off all the pepperoni and threw away over half. Yes, I threw them away. The ones left over I popped into the microwave to cook the pepperoni a bit. This makes it so when you cook the pizza, there is much less grease!


After cooking the pepperoni, I placed them back on half the pizza. Then on the other half I made a spinach and chicken mix on the stove in a bit of olive oil. Then I covered the other half with that mix and the cheese. Check it out!


When it was time to eat I put it in the oven and cooked it just like normal. It was great! And a really simple swap.


See, making healthy changes doesn't have to be hard!

~What changes do you make when cooking or baking to make it a little healthier?

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