Monday, December 5, 2011

Hustle and Bustle of the Blog World

Here’s the recent hustle and bustle in the blog world…at least the stuff I thought you might like to feast your eyes on. Happy Monday!

I really want to be able to say I’ve made homemade blueberry bagels. Who doesn’t?


If that picture doesn’t make you want to eat them, then check out the benefits of blueberries. That’ll getcha!

Gift idea? Make a homemade snow globe! This reminds me of elementary school. Yet as a college girl, I still think it looks pretty dang fun.


Sick of the same old breakfast? Try a breakfast cookie! Yes, you read that correctly.


The word is out: the act of giving improves health. Oprah even said it. Who knew?! (I think we all did…but it is still a good reminder)

~What’s your latest and greatest find in the blog world?

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