Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How To: Lacing Your Shoes

How you lace your running and exercise shoes, although it may not seems so, is quite important. While working out, especially while running, your feet swell. It is a natural thing that comes from putting extra pressure and force over a prolonged period of time on your feet. Your feet are strong enough to take that force IF they have room to swell and move. That is why one important part of buying shoes for running/working out is to buy a 1/2 –1 size larger than normal, depending on the shoe brand.

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When lacing these shoes of yours, there is a special technique that I learned when I got my first fitted pair. (Which I definitely recommend going to a store where they can watch you run when you buy your first pair.)

The key is to leave the toe box (widest part of your shoe) able to expand with your foot. Thread laces through the first set of eyelets and then straight up each side without criss-crossing at all. Continue this way for two or three holes. Once you've passed the forefoot, begin criss-crossing and finish lacing as normal.See how the laces don’t cross til the middle of the shoe?

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Then at the end, make a loop with the lace and pull through to tighten. You can do sort of a shimmy with the laces to tighten before tying. This prevents too tight of tying.

I attempted to make a video out of this…but lets just say the pictures worked out better.




imageCopy of DSC02621

By the way…there is also a correct and incorrect way to TIE your shoe. Who knew? Not me, until I saw this video on the other day.

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