Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Healthy Traditions

Holidays are definitely a time for traditions. Some last years and years, passed on from generations. Others don’t last as long. But it always fun to look forward to traditions and those memories that come along with them.

Although most traditions are good for the soul, not all traditions are good for the body. Such as that double chocolate cheesecake your grandma makes each year for Christmas Eve, or the three types of cheese balls that sit out for the appetizer to Christmas dinner, or maybe the endless dessert parties you go to throughout the holiday season.

These traditions don’t need to be completely stopped…maybe just moderated. But in addition to those, it is a great idea to add some healthy traditions. What are healthy traditions, you ask? Well, here are some ideas:

- Get your groove on with Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Central, Wii Fit or other video games…or just have a dance party!

- Enjoy a half-day of skiing. Set a date and keep it every year.


- Go to a rec center and play a family game of basketball, racquetball, tennis or try an aerobics class. If you don't have a membership, pay for a guest passes! These activities are fun, bonding and healthy! They are worth the few bucks.


- Go for a winter walk or have an annual sledding party (see who can climb the hill the fastest - and pick a big hill!)

- Be adventurous - as a family! Try something new that none of you have ever done before: snowshoeing, ice-skating, a new workout DVD, an old workout DVD from the 70's… whatever, just think fun!


- host a fitness competition (my family did our first annual “family olympics” this summer…it was so fun!)

- try a new healthy recipe to add to your Christmas dinner

- instead of going out to eat and then watching a movie, spend the afternoon volunteering at a shelter and then go out to eat\


- sign up for a race that supports a local charity to give Christmas to those in need

There are so many ways to enjoy the holiday season while not letting those less healthy traditions put a damper on your health. Enjoy the season with family and friends, and keep your body enjoying the season as well!

~What are some of your healthy traditions?

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