Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Circuit Workout

At least once a week I try to get in a heavy lift, where I focus more on lifting than cardio. I think it is important to incorporate both cardio and strength training into any workout routine. Both have so many benefits!


Here is a current circuit workout that I am enjoying:

10 minute cardio – elliptical, easy jog, or walking incline
Arms: repeat 3 times
12 reps shoulders
12 reps biceps
12 reps triceps
10 minute cardio – same as above, or mix it up!
Legs: repeat 3 times
20 reps squats
20 reps lunges
20 reps squats
10 minute cardio
Back & Chest: repeat 3 times
12 reps back
12 reps chest
12 reps back

Obviously, this isn’t very specific. When I do it, I like to mix up each round of lifting so I don’t get bored. For example, the first set of arms might be 12 shoulder presses, 12 bicep concentration curls and 12 tricep skull crushers. The next set might be 12 shoulder rows, 12 regular bicep curls and 12 chair dips. Then the third round I might try to do even different ones.

If you don’t want to think of a different exercise for each round, it is just as good to do the same exercise each time! Make sure to make any changes to this workout to fit your time and exercise level.

Let me know if you try it!

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