Friday, November 18, 2011

Bouncing Back

Obviously, the best way to stay FEELING your best during the holidays is to eat everything in moderation and keep consistent in your workout routine. But there might be some slip ups.

You know that feeling you wake up with the day after Thanksgiving? That feeling of…I stuffed myself for the meal, and a few hours later for the “second round” and now I feel like a balloon? It isn’t the most desired feeling. Yet we still eat like that every year. I think the holidays are a time to spend with loved ones and eat good food, so a little splurging is just fine. The key is to bounce back that next morning like nothing ever changed. Here are some tips:



eat a good breakfast: frequently people wake up thinking they are too full to eat anything or they will try to “make up” for eating too much the day before. Unfortunately, you are just slowing down your metabolism from BURNING what you ate yesterday. Get a good 300-400 calorie breakfast under your belt of good carbs, fruit and a little protein.

take it long and slow: the key to your “day after” workout is time. You ate enough that your body is primed for a good, long workout (like carb loading). Your body might not feel it’s best, so take it long and slow. Go on a long run at an easy pace, or hop on the elliptical for a solid hour with some intervals. The longer the time, the more burn you get and your body remembers how to burn.



cut the sugar: desserts are loaded with the refined sugar (simple carbs) that make the bodies serotonin levels resemble a tidal wave. that being said, once you start, your body gets a “high”, then drops and you crave even more. To stop this cycle, after you had your share of dessert, grab a piece of fruit or all fruit smoothie for the next round.

speed it up: the sugar from desserts is a carb, but not the same kind of “carb loading” you see from the potatoes and rolls at Thanksgiving. So to get to those sugar stores faster, opt for an interval or track workout. go 90% for 30 seconds with a one to two minute walk/jog between. Repeat 10-15 times and you’ve started burning!



go vegetarian for the day: at buffets most people opt for a few kinds of meat…because they are there. so because you got a few days worth of high fat animal protein servings, the next day focus on the vegetables, fruits and whole grains, with maybe some nuts or fish.

double duty: because of the variety you probably ate, it’s a good idea to use that at your advantage. double up with a tempo run (where you are pushing the pace but not sprinting) and some circuit weights.

**Bonus tip: After that huge meal and dessert you consumed, go for a 20 minutes brisk walk. It will get your metabolism up to keep burning!

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