Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Eat Less…the Easy Way

These are all things we have heard before. But I think they are worth repeating. Plus! There are some new studies that have recently come out, and I think they are worth noting.

1. Downsize Dishes
This applies to dinner plates, glasses, bags of candy, boxes of crackers… anything! People ate more from a 2 lb. bag of M&Ms verses a 1 lb. bag. What about drinking just half of a 44-ounce beverage (not awesome) vs. half of a 12-ounce beverage (better!).

Buy smaller everything when it comes to processes foods, treats and snacks. The extra calories, fat, sugar and sodium are certainly of not a "bonus value" for your health.

Brian Wansick from Cornell University did a study where he gave movie goers some STALE popcorn in large and medium containers. Participants had already eaten dinner, so they were looking at bad food on a full stomach. The group with the large container ate 34% more of STALE popcorn.

Even after a 90-minute educational lecture informing people of the fact they will eat more from a bigger container…. people still ate 50% more when served from larger bowls!

2. Move that food!
Secretaries who had candy on their desk ate 9 pieces per day (~255 cals) But, when placed just 6 feet away…ate only 4 pieces per day (~125 cals) That equals 11 - 12 pound weight gain over a year.

Clear vs. opaque bowl made a difference too; secretaries ate 2 more pieces of candy per day from the clear bowl.

In addition, Wansink's research showed that leaving serving dishes at dinner table can lead to eating 30% MORE! Put the serving dishes by the stove or keep them off the table.


3. Remember Where it Goes
Most people have heard the rumor that your body doesn't create "new" fat cells… the thought has been that fat cells just grow in size. Not so.

When adults overeat: Thigh fat cells grow in number. Waist fat cells grow in size

Mayo Clinic Study:
28 normal weight men/women, about 30 years old
Participants were told to eat until "more than full" plus 1 - 4 "supplement" snacks per day of 350 - 500 calories

After 8 weeks…

* Average weight gain was 10 pounds

* Fat cells in belly got bigger

* Fat cells in thighs grew in number

* Average participant created 2.6 billion new thigh fat cells!!!

So, yes, overeating creates changes in your body that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. Eating is easy - working it off can take ten times the effort! We know this, but stop and think about it before you eat extra servings.

These are just a few of the ways to eat less…there are so many more. But I thought these studies were great and worth sharing! Try some out!

~What are some ways you try to watch your portions?


  1. The size of the plate makes SUCH a big difference. If it is quantity that you are going for (we all have those days), load up your plate with a big layer of salad or veggies and then put on your smaller portions of other things...

    great post!

  2. Wow! Good stuff Trish. I really like this one. No more serving bowls on the table for us. Thanks!


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