Friday, June 3, 2011

Blood Sugar Check

When I cam across this article on blood sugar I was quite intrigued. In recent years hypoglycemia has been talked about frequently, many people thinking they have it because of the way they feel when they haven't eaten in a while. Headaches, forgetfulness, depression and lack of sleep were all the things they believed to be symptoms. Well, it turns out that hypoglycemia isn't as wide spread as we thought. No doubt there are problems with blood sugar that we can all work on, and we all need to be aware of.
 "Careful studies proved that, aside from diabetics, very few people have blood sugar that gets seriously out of whack. Good thing, too, because persistent hypoglycemia is a signal that something is very wrong. 'The diseases that cause hypoglycemia are serious, with major health implications,' says Mayo Clinic endocrinologist F. John Service, MD, a longtime expert in the field. Which doesn't necessarily mean that your mood and energy swings are unrelated to blood sugar. If the hormones that regulate it are just a little overeager, you may be prone to a host of unpleasant symptoms that have nothing to do with being ill or abnormal, and everything to do with the way you eat."

So what can we do to help out our blood sugar woes? Here are some tips:

1. Begin with Breakfast - Not only should you make a point to eat breakfast every morning soon after waking up, but you also must eat one that helps your blood sugar. Beware of the fast-burning simple-carb breakfast (donuts, cinnamon rolls, sugary cereals) that causes blood sugar to spike and then dive, pushing your body's alarm buttons. Instead, begin the day with a meal that includes protein and a little fat, both of which delay the absorption of sugar into the blood and take longer to digest. Or some good whole grains.

2. Don't Let Yourself Get Too Hungry, and Don't Let Yourself Get Too Full - When you go too long without food, the next time you see food you devour it. You know what I'm talking about. And usually the stuff you devour is the stuff that spikes blood pressure. So eat smaller meals frequently. But also beware of overeating. It takes your body 20 minutes to recognize it is full. If you think you are still hungry after a snack or meal, wait 20 minutes, drink some water, and reassess.

3. Fuel Workouts - Be sure to properly fuel before and after workouts. Your body needs food to exercise, and then it needs food to recover.

 4. Beware of Caffeine - There is some evidence that caffeine can increase sensitivity to low blood sugar, and make the symptoms much worse.

 5. Pay Attention & Plan Ahead - Be aware of when your body usually starts to slump, and plan ahead with a snack ready or eating a little something before it happens. By being aware of when blood sugar drops you can save yourself from some uncomfortable side effects.


  1. Very good tips!
    I have noticed a huge increase in the past few years of people claiming they have hypoglycemia. I'm not sure why...maybe because they feel it gives them an excuse to eat sugar? haha

    I was actually tested years ago for diabetes because I was having extreme blood sugar issues, but it turned out they diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. It has gotten better throughout the years, but I have to pay very careful attention to it or it gets out of control.

    Even though a doctor said it was hypoglycemia, I feel like I just have some blood sugar issues that need to be kept in check, just like most people.

  2. These are all really great tips. I know that I get kind of crazy, actually REALLY crazy, when I haven't eaten in awhile.

  3. GREAT TIPS! thanks for always. I have learned that I need good fuel before, during and after my workouts. I feel so much better and feel like my workout is much more productive! have a wonderful day!

  4. Thanks for these tips! I feel horribly if I go longer than about 3 hours without eating (at most!) so I have to stick to these tips. Great post!

  5. You don't ever have to worry about me skipping breakfast--it's my favorite meal of the day!;) Planning ahead is always what really makes or breaks my day as far as eating is concerned...

  6. Great post! My dr. told me that I am hypoglycemic as my BG level was very low after a fasting BG tolerance test/// thought I'd be interested in checking my levels again just to make sure.


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