Friday, November 5, 2010

Fit to Run

Running, if not done correctly, can either injure you, slow you down, or just make the whole experience horrible! Here are some tips on correct running technique to consider on your next run.

1. Keep your head and eyes up. Don't watch your feet...they will keep moving without watching them! It helps you relax and increases oxygen uptake
2. Relax those shoulders! This is one of the major mistakes people make, and usually without even realizing it. When your body gets tired or tense, you naturally tense your shoulders. Make a conscious effort to keep your shoulders relaxed, hanging loosely. If you need to, do some shoulder rolls to get our some tension.
3. Don't lean your torso forward. You want to lean your body more forward than back, but keep your torso from leaning forward and bending at the hips. Run tall with your back and torso upright. It keeps your hips in line and prevents tension from going places you don't want it.
4. Keep your arms relaxed and in a good rhythm. Don't bring them up high, just keep your elbow at a relaxed 90 degree angle and move arms back and forth - be sure to not let your arms cross your body. Arm movement helps propel legs forward when done correctly.
5. Imagine yourself gliding and skimming the ground. If you picture yourself moving in a smooth motion with both your legs and arms relaxed and in the correct place, and your legs gliding evenly back and forth, your body will be fit to run! So imagine it, and do it!

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