Monday, November 8, 2010

Beat the Junk

We are well into the holiday season, a time when every occasion is associated with sweets and treats. Although you might be staying on top of your goal to only eat a small treat every once in a while, once you eat one treat your body starts to crave that sugar again. So here are some tips on how to beat the junk food cravings so you don't keep eating those sweets!

1. Check your mood before you eat - If you are extreme on either end, sad or happy, people tend to eat. They either eat to make up for something, or eat to celebrate. Change that and go to a friend, go on a walk, or allow yourself a little more me time instead of eating.

2. Don't skip meals - When you skip meals, your blood sugar drops and you crave sugar more because your body thinks that is what it needs. It really just needs good meals at consistent times

3. Plan ahead - If you know you are going to a party, plan ahead how much you will eat. Once you ate that much, put a stick of gum in your mouth so you don't eat more. Also, tell friends or family about how much you want to eat. Another thing is to not eat as much throughout the day, and definitely pack in the veggies and good fruits and grains during the day, so you aren't over doing it in your calorie intake.

4. Drink lots of water - Any time you are drinking calories or carbonation, it isn't a good thing. So stick with water, and drink lots of it!

5. Improve on the original - If you are really craving your favorite desert, it is better to either make a batch and only eat one, then give the rest away, or try to find a healthier recipe for that dessert. Can you substitute whole wheat flour for white, or substitute honey for sugar, or reduce the fat used? The best thing still though, is to only allow yourself a small portion, and get the rest out of sight!

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