Monday, November 1, 2010

The Debate

So once you make it to the gym, you're warmed up and ready to lift, where do you start? Machines? Free Weights? What are the benefits of each of them? Which one is better for you? Well, here's some info on both. From there, you determine which best fits your workout. Most likely, though, it is good to do both and mix it up!

Benefits of Machine Weights:
Almost all the time when you go to lift with a machine weight, there are instructions on the machine regarding position and technique. This can definitely come in handy when using it for the first time. They also allow for a quicker workout once you know the settings you need. The trick is just remembering! So when you go, write down the weight, height of the seat and other information needed. From there you can hop on and off machines. They can also be convenient when you go to the gym alone and can't do lifts with a spotter - you don't need one with machine weights! Another advantage is that machine weights are better at delivering consistent weight on the muscle through the whole lift.

Benefits of Free Weights:
Free weights do a better job at integrating core conditioning into a strength-training workout, since you have to use balance while lifting. They also allow for a greater variety of lifts and movement patterns. You can work both arms and legs, for example, by doing a bicep curl with a lung. Another advantage is the greater range of weight. As opposed to machines that increase by 10 lbs, free weights allow slower progression and "in between" weights. You can also benefit from free weights because each arm becomes responsible for a given weight, whereas on machines, the stronger arm can take more of the weight designated. 

Clearly, both have their benefits. So mix it up, and figure out what you like best! Just keep working those muscles!

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