Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Secret

I was reading Reader's Digest the other day and came across an article titled "Foods That Fight Back Pain". It caught my attention, mostly because back pain is a common complaint among people, young and old. In summary, these are the foods that were recommended: vegetables and fruits, nuts, green tea, salmon, and olive oil. They also recommended eating less vegetable oils, margarine, processed foods and foods made with trans fat.
The next day I came across a different article online about foods that help fight cancer. These foods consisted of: fish, broccoli, tomatoes, grapes, cranberries and tea.
This sort of made me chuckle. The lists were QUITE similar. Why? Because those foods are the ones you should eat every day, whether you have health problems or not! Articles are coming out every day about certain foods we can eat to help stop disease, prevent injury, help us sleep better or just give us a boost. The thing is, the foods are all generally the same: good fats, high in vegetables and fruits, whole grains and avoid processed foods and sugars. It isn't a secret! Eating like that every day leads to a healthy life. There is no guarantee for perfect health and no physical problems. But there will be improvements seen if you make the effort to change your eating habits. Decide today to eat better and to live better!

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