Saturday, September 11, 2010

Healthy Tips and Tricks to Live By

- keep sweet treats and salty snacks out of sight today. They don’t have to be forbidden foods, but occasional foods that will only turn into everyday foods of they are in plain sight!
- brush your teeth after dinner to keep you from eating more
- don’t say anything negative about your physical shape or size today, only think of your positive attributes
- make sure that every serving of food you eat today can fit in the palm of your hand
- Listen to your body: make sure you are actually hungry when you eat, and stop when you are only SATISFIED. If you aren’t sure if you’re hungry, have a big glass of water and then see if you are still hungry
- only eat healthy fats : in fish, nuts, olives, avocados, natural peanut butter
- Take the long way: ditch the escalators, elevators, remote controls, and parking close to stores
- Pick a goal and write three reasons why you want to accomplish it. Post the list somewhere that you will see it every day
- eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day, preferably in a 2 to 3 ratio
- eat six small meals each day instead of three big ones. That way when you are eating, don’t indulge in anything you can find…just tell yourself you can eat again in a couple hours
- eat some black beans today! They are full of protein, fiber and carbohydrates
- don’t ever skip meals! Especially breakfast
- don’t buy the food that tempt you, and don’t make the foods you know you shouldn’t eat or that you will eat too much of
- get at least seven to eight hours of sleep as many nights a week as you can
- when you get sore from working out it means your body is changing, and guess what…the best way to get rid of that soreness is workout again!
- remember that your body does not determine your character

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