Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Nothing White Diet

For a time I have been fascinated by the diets people decide to go on. I think it can be ironic how people aren't willing to just take a few things out of their diet and be more active, but they are willing to totally cut out carbs, get injections, or only eat Special K products. I understand people are just trying to find what works, but I can promise you that what DOES work for EVERYONE is moderation and a little more activity in their lives. For some it needs to be more extreme for them to get their desired outcome. All that means, though, is a little more time in the gym and a little less time in the kitchen. 
While browsing I found this diet that they recommend. I think of all the diets I have learned about, this one seems the best. So, if you are the type that really needs a DIET to live by, and not just a LIFESTYLE, then you might want to give this one a try! (even though this diet should turn into a lifestyle!)

As you might expect, the nothing white diet prohibits white foods--but not all of them. White foods tend to be refined and higher in sugar, and higher in white flour with the nutrients and fiber stripped away through processing. The diet is described in detail in the 2007 book "No White Diet" by Paul Array. It does not require portion sizing, calorie counting or an exercise program. Food choices in a nothing white diet may be relatively easy to make, as noted in "No White Foods Diet" in Nov. 23, 2009, issue of "International Business Times."
In the nothing white diet, you'll avoid all white plant-based foods, as these are usually high in sugar or starch, explains the "No White Foods Diet" article. The main culprits are foods containing white sugar or white flour. Other foods to avoid include potatoes, white beans, white pasta and white rice. The only animal products you should limit are butter and cheddar cheese, which are white until the manufacturer adds food coloring.
You're allowed to consume some white foods on the nothing white diet. You may eat eggs, including the egg whites, as well as milk, white meat chicken and white fish. Two white vegetables are acceptable--cauliflower and parsnips, according to "No White Foods Diet."
Colorful Foods
A wide variety of other foods is available for you to enjoy on this diet. Eat whole grains, such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and whole-grain bread. All colorful vegetables and all types of fruit are allowed. Meat and seafood also are acceptable.
The nothing white diet has several advantages, as noted by It does not have a complicated set of rules, does not require equipment and does not eliminate carbohydrates or all animal products. It is not difficult to follow when eating at a restaurant. In addition, unlike many weight loss diets, the nothing white diet is a healthy way of eating. White foods typically have the highest glycemic index, which tends to make people retain weight, particularly around the midsection. These foods also can eventually lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.
The nothing white diet does not address portion control, a major problem with this diet, as noted by the "No White Foods Diet" article. For instance, the diet would allow several servings of whole-wheat pasta along with a large steak for a very high-calorie meal. In addition, some people may have a hard time giving up nearly all white foods for a long time. 
Also, no diet is as successful as it could be if it were paired with an adequate amount of exercise. So remember that when gauging your results.

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