Saturday, March 13, 2010


Let’s look at the last 3 aspects when training with weights!

#5 Rests Between Sets and Exercises:
Resting between sets and exercises greatly influences energy recovery and training adaptations that need to take place. Here is a general rule of thumb: if you are looking for muscular strength, use higher weight with longer rests (2-3 min). On the other hand, muscular endurance can be better achieved by less weight, and shorter rests (<1 min). As a beginner, you should never rest lest than 30 seconds in order for your body to recover and your blood lactate concentration to go down. Once you have trained, if you wish to shorten rest time you can.

#6 Repetition Velocity:
So, according to a nifty principle of training specificity, it says that gains in muscle strength and performance are specific to training velocity. For example, fast-velocity training enhances speed and power, whereas slow-velocity exercises don’t influence that as much. There are two times up slow-velocity though, unintentional and intentional. Unintentional is when the weight is so much that despite your effort to make it fast, you can’t. Intentional is just what it sounds like…moving slowly on the eccentric and concentric actions of lifting. As a beginning it is best to learn to perform each exercise with correct form, so start with light resistance and go at a slow to moderate velocity. As you progress you can mix in some unintentional slow-velocity lifts with some moderate to fast velocity training.

#7 Training Frequency:
Generally, a training frequency of 2 to 3 times each week on nonconsecutive days is recommended for beginners, which allows for adequate recovery time. More trained individuals might take more time between training, but still lift 4 times a week. But they only do upper body two days a week, and lower 2 days a week, with more rest between doing the same body parts. An increase in training experience doesn’t mean you need to increase frequency, but it can be beneficial if done with correct resting periods and form. Always listen to your body, whether you are experienced or novice. If it needs a day off, take it.

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