Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best of the Best

If we were to make a list of the best foods to eat each day, the list would go on forever. I mean really, think of all the whole grains, veggies and fruits you could eat! But there are certain foods that are the best for certain aspects of life. Here are some:

Best food for your brain: BLUEBERRIES
The antioxidant that makes blueberries blue has a huge effect on learning and memory. Studies have shown there is a huge connection between blueberry consumption and cognitive function.
Best food for all-day energy: QUINOA
I’m a huge fan of this! And it’s not very common. But it’s the only whole wheat grain that is a complete protein and has the highest concentration of energy-producing B vitamins. In addition to that, it’s delicious!
Best food for boosting your mood: SALMONOkay, so Salmon is already great because of its omega-3 fats. But many tests have shown the main form of these omega-3s help decrease risk of depression.
Best food for healthy skin: ALMONDS
It has been shown that food with high levels of monounsaturated fats have protective properties that prevent wrinkles and sun damage. Almonds fit in that category quite nicely (:
Best food for surviving the flu season: RED BELL PEPPERS
For your liver to eliminate toxins it needs Vitamin C and vitamin A is needed to help white blood cells work correctly. So get this…red bell peppers has TWICE as much vitamin C as an orange and THREE TIMES as much vitamin A as a tomato.
Best food to keep your joints strong: SPINACH
Vitamin C helps reduce risk of strain or injure to joints, and vitamin E helps reduce pain in joints. Spinach packs huge amounts of both!
Best food to reduce stress: STRAWBERRIES
Not only do strawberries have lots of serotonin, but they have a load of vitamin C that helps clear out the hormone responsible for stress-related symptoms.

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  1. I need to eat more strawberries!!!


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